Shaken, tied, bound, given, passion, endurance, respect, release, nurturing, swallowed, scars, held, forgotten, care, stitches, synergy, fusion, pulsating, life, embrace, One, vibrating frequency, everlasting.


These current and on going projects seem to be everlasting, developing and taking on a life of their own with every one of my breath. It covers an array of mediums to each be combined into their own installations. They each are constantly changing, growing, going through every motions of a living being.




Blowing, casting, fusing, slumping, pate de verre, lampworking, powder and enamel transfer.

Fabrication, forging, foundry, metalsmithing.

Canvas, paper, other. Carving other markings sand blasting, printing.





Instants caught in time.

Carving, turning, sculpting, building-joinery.




wheel, slab, carving, marking, hand building.

Typically integrated with another medium.

Used as a medium.


Do you sell?

Each piece I create come forth through an emotion, deep within the sea of my passion that is my life. Une sensibilité touchée, un moment trouvé ou perdu.
How could I sell these?
I create for me, to let go of a sensibilité encountered or triggered at a moment in time and space while residing in this body of mine.
It is Power.
Each piece is a piece of me
in its deepest most profound encounter.
These pieces are more open than the person sitting with you right now having tea answering these questions.
They speak of me freely and fully with my deepest sensible core of emotions released and embedded into my work.
It vibrates with such power, intensity, emotions and high energy.
How do you put a price on that?
But more importantly why would I want or care putting a price on that?